improper tagging


ok, i'm a total n00b and an idiot at that, who didn't follow simple instructions, and now i'm looking for some help....i was using the db search or whatever, and would find the album but i didn't align the db order of the songs(which is the real order of the songs on the album) with what was on my playlist, subsequently what has happened is that i've mistagged almost 50 albums, so it says its one song on the album but its another, is there any way to use this program or any other, that will make it simple to undo my moronic error....thank you



Hopefully you didn't change the filenames as well? If not, you can do a filename to tag conversion. If you changed the filenames as well, you may be lucky enough that the date/time stamp on the file is in the order of each album. Try adding this column: %_file_mod_datetime% and sort by that column. If it sorts in the proper order, you can highlight each album and do a freedb lookup pf each album and fix the tags that way.

...and next time you make a mistake, hit undo :slight_smile:


yea undo would have been smart but i hadn't realized i made the mistake till couple hours later while listening to the player, i did chnage the filename but hopefully i can do it the way you said and now i know better, ay leat it was only 50m albums as opposed to all 400