improve ease of use of web source scripts

I am extremely impressed with the power of the web source framework and participation on this site in writing scripts. I'd love to try and use as many as I can, but I find it difficult to keep track of them.

Please consider something like I've seen over at Foobar:

  • create a single webpage of all .src files available for download
  • on Mp3tag's Options page, create a breakout for script management to do things like install, remove, and look for updates for any script

The power of these scripts in leveraging rapidly-changing web sources also also creates the challenge in managing scripts. Whatever you can do to help us to find, install, and update scripts would be greatly appreciated!

that's what the Web Sources Scripts forum is for:

Install and remove is quite easy and clearly arranged by just moving into and deleting files into the folder %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources.
Additionally i have create a "not in use" folder there for sripts i have only tested when I don't use them but want to keep them for eventuall future use.
Another usefull trick to arrange the scripts is thes characters "#" "&". If you name the scripts discogs#script1.src, discogs#script2.src, discogs#script3.src,... Mp3Tag groups them under discogs. With "&" in the name you have quick acsess for navigation with the keyboard to the scripts.
Maybe it would be a good idea to add the option "Open Application Data Folder with Windows Explorer" somewhere in the menu bar of Mp3Tag.

You can track the topics for the web scripts you use or subscribe to the whole web sources scripts forum to get an email at new posts.

For that reason I have give my own web sources scripts version numbers for each update. So people can easily keep track if they have the newest version. Maybe that is something which other developers could do also.

Yes, I'm aware of the forum, and I really appreciate all the efforts everyone puts in, but I still think a few improvements similar to what Foobar has done with its optional componetns would really help many more people use these scripts.

Your version number increments are helpful. As as step in the direction of improving what the forum has, I suggest:

  • the latest versions of any scripts in a thread have download link continually updated in the first post of a thread (some do this, but several scripts are buried deep in threads)
  • once a particular script is created, use the same name for it other than incrementing the verion number so we can figure out what to delete more easily.

Perhaps there are a few other simple rules along these lines that could be adopted in the forum (and pinned at the top of the forum) to make it easier to find and keep track of scripts. Since you are one of the key contributors to scripts, I would be interested in what ideas you have that would not take much work to suggest as forum guidelines.

Thanks again for the great work.

Can you give a link to the foobar site you are talking about. Are yout talking about this:
I have searched there several times for plug-ins. There are some links to components who don't work anymore or whose download site is off. Other components which I have heard of elsewhere are not listed at all. So it's not that perfect either.


I don't understand. Do you prefer .src files with or without version numbers?

The scripts are user generated and depend on third party web sites. That makes them very instable. And they depend on regular updates by the people who created them. If they loose theire interest in the scripts, they don't get updated anymore. Although it's up to every user to create an update themselve if the original creator doesn't do so anymore.

I don't know how many working scripts there are. But it's relativly clearly arranged. For every script a own thread. I have seen only some people who post modifications somewhere in the threads, mainly at dano's and Pufas' discogs sripts. The updates are posted by most people in the starting post (about 80% of all scripts are from dano, and he does so).

You can't set rules for the scripts. What you can do is:
Start a overview thread yourself. Make a list there in the starting post of all scripts. With a link to the threads, maybe a quick download link to the script (would have to be updated with every script update), maybe a short description of the script, existing modifications, and the working status (working or outdated).
That would be usefull of course, but I don't think Florian or dano will do the work. So it's up to you. Would also be an encouragment for other people to post modifcations of scripts in that thread if you list them in your post.
Maybe you could ask dano to pin this thread, but you could keep it always under the top posts yourself if you make a little answer saying "updated" with every update of your list.
You can also put you "few other simple rules along these lines" under that post as you personal web sources scripts manifest, which would be open for discussion of course.