Improve MusicBrainz scrapper

Can you please improve the MusicBrainz scrapper?
I mean, it only downloads some very limited tags.
For example with this release:, MP3Tag will only download some tags; the writer, lyricist, composer, country, barcode and language tags aren't downloaded/used.

Also would be great if the program could scrap automatically from the linked Discogs url all the metadata that MusicBrainz lacks.


You know that there is always Musicbrainz Picard which might already supply the data you are looking for.
And, as the web source scripts are plain text files, you could easily edit them yourself to adapt them according to your needs.

Ah, yeah, I know about Picard but I was looking to not having to change between programs and instead do everything with MP3Tag as after downloading the metadata with Picard I have to go to MP3Tag to execute various actions I've setup there, also Picard doesn't download all the tags neither, at least not the ones that belong to each song.