Improve the Script


This isn't a bug, per se . . . but adding one small function to the script will HUGELY improve readability when writing code and save a whole lot of headaches. Just have the script ignore carriage returns in the file. Let people use $char(10) to force a carriage return or write a function that will do that. To give you an example, here's an instance where I want the output to be put on a single line:
Unreadable, but works:


More readable, but outputs mult. lines:


Seriously, it'd be a helpful update.


If it isn't a bug, simply don't post it to the Bug Reports forum <_<

Topic moved.


Sorry if that wasn't quite the right place to put that but . . . neither is this. I don't need help. I understand the semantics and syntax of the script. I'm simply making a suggestion for improvement in a future version. I had no idea where to put something like that; there's no forum topic for suggestions. Bug reports are about improving the product . . . hence why my suggestion was logged there.

A suggestions forum may be a good idea.


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