Improvement suggestion

Concerning Covert art display, on the bottom of the left menu :
It's hard to see rapidly if the covert displayed is a "file" covert, or a "directory" covert since the area is used for the both usages.
It may be great to have 2 displays (as in Tag&Rename for example). 1 to display the file covert, if any, 1 other to display (may be optional) the directory covert, if any.
Is it a possible evolution of the soft ?
On top of that, it will permit to control easily if the 2 coverts (file and directory) are present, which is not possible for the moment.

Thanks a lot for your great soft.

Anyway good idea but not thought through, because ...
... there might exist multiple images in the track file,
... there might exist multiple images in the underlying folder.

As a workaround you can define a tool, that you can invoke by right clicking on the track, then choosing the corresponding meny entry, to get an overview of existing image files in the underlying folder.

Example (using Irfanview graphical application):
Name: &IrfanView here
Path: C:\Programs\IrfanView\i_view32.exe
Parameter: '"'%_folderpath%'" /thumbs'
For all selected files: no


Thanks for your answer. I will explore that way.
In fact, my request was due to my portable mp3 player who requieres a "in file" art, and my home mp3 player who ignore in file arts and requires a "folder.jpg" file in the directory. So I need both.

But never mind. If the suggestion to have 2 displays is not suitable for the reasons you have mentioned, I will make an export action to be sure to have a file in the directory when there is on in the file(s).

So ok, I give up my original idea. But is it possible to only add a 2nd checkbox in the options, next to the "Display covert art" checkbox, to specify that only the "in-file covert arts" will be displayed, and nothing if there is no art in the file ? So we can see in a second if there is a last one covert for this file or not, without having to watch "art" column.

In the other hand, if nobody else need this feature, I will understand...

See dialog Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Tag-Panel
Checkbox "Display Cover Art"
This option might be able to help you.


Sorry. My english is too poor to explain clearly what I mean.

At this time, if you check the box you mentioned ("Display Cover Art"), a covert art will be displayed :

  • if the file contain a cover art

OR (and this is my "problem")

  • if a folder.jpg (for example) exists in the directory.

So it is not possible to see rapidly if a file has an embedded covert or just a folder.jpg in the directory since a covert will be displayed even if the covert is missing in the file, assuming there is one in the directory.

What I mean is that it should be great to have a 2nd check box, next to the one you mentionned, in order to specify that ONLY the "embedded covert arts" will be displayed.

1st check box (already exist) : "Display Cover Art"
2nd check box (evolution suggestion) : "Display only embedded covert art" (or "Ignore directory covert/pictures").

It will permit to rapidly check if the file contain a covert or not. At this time, we can't since if a folder.jpg is present in the dir, a covert will be displayed for ALL the files, even for those who haven't any covert.

I hope I have made my point more clear (argh, I should have worked harder in english at school ! )

This is possible at Options > Tags
[x] Don't display first image from file directory as cover art

You can also make a column that shows if a file has embedded covers.
(Make a new column with the value %_covers%)

Ooooh, this is what "Don't display first image from file directory as cover art" means.
I haven't really understood this option till today...
I would never find it by myself, but it makes what I want to do.
Thanks a lot for your help !