In 2016, what is the best equivalent of Mp3tag for .wav files (not .flac files)?

Certain car radios only read .wav files and cannot read .flac files. Therefore, what is the best freeware to transfer tags from lossy .mp3 to lossless .wav if .flac cannot be used?

I use Razorlame v1.1.5. You have to provide lame.exe separately. I use v3.99.5. It's not difficult to find both on the net and both are free. I haven't tried transferring WAV tags with this software.

okay got them, would you mind posting how do you transfer existing mp3 tags to a .wav file using this program?

lame.exe is good at converting MP3<->WAV, but handling the tags is not its strength. Here's a free program that claims to do what you want to do. I cannot recommended it, haven't used it, but it does make the claims.

That program is freeware and it would be nice if someone could figure out that it actually works, I could not doing it (quickly).

But I did just test this in my car and it does work:

Copy tags from .mp3 to .wav files.

First install MediaMonkey

Then double click on AdvancedDuplicateFindFix.3.7.4.mmip from

MediaMonkey > My Computer > Browse to source .mp3 files > Select individual or all files/folders in a location (CTRL+A) then right click > [WAIT FOR READING FILES... MESSAGE TO DISAPPEAR] > Copy MetaData.

Now browse to destination .wav files > elect individual or all files/folders in a location (CTRL+A) then right click > [WAIT FOR READING FILES... MESSAGE TO DISAPPEAR] > Paste MetaData. (You can select to paste all or specific tags).
installs a Windows Explorer right click menu.

So you select multiple .wav files > right click > AudioShell > Multi files Tag Editor > CHECK and Clear all Tags > Save

to clear tags...

or enter new ones in a similar way.

I was working on adding support for WAV files over the last couple of weeks and just released a development build. It's a beta version which still might contain bugs, but I thought you might be interested to try it out. You can download it from

Kind regards
ā€“ Florian

Florian, after all these years.. finally! Thank you!

I understand that early on there was difficulty with this because of lack of a unified standard but I always thought for me, the benchmark was simple: The .wav file tags either show up on my PC and my car or they do not.

The Beta appears to be partially successful.
I could upload the .wav file that the 2.75a works on and files that are not read by 2.75a due to whatever problem is there - but perhaps if you used AudioShell to assign tags to .wav files

and then simply tested future Betas to make sure they can read those tags, which the current 2.75a cannot read 100%.

All .wav tags assigned by AudioShell can be read/displayed on both my PC and my car.

Only some are now read by Mp3tag 2.75a.

Please let me know if you need me to upload tagged .wav files which 2.75a cannot read.

Here is a tagged .wav file which 2.75a cannot read.
Thank you again. (192 KB) (192 KB)

Thanks for testing the beta version and for the example file!

The file contains some non-standard RIFF INFO fields which are now ignored (but preserved) with the latest development build Mp3tag v2.75b.

Kind regards
ā€“ Florian

The second Beta properly identifies all files, and as an excellent bonus, simply viewing wav Tags in Mp3tag and clicking on OK corrects the way they are tagged! [as actual RIFF id3v2.3]

We have been waiting for over half a decade for this, thank you for making this. Mp3tag is probably the only program now that handles this as easy as we are used to handling .mp3 files.

It's pretty incredible that it took until 2016 for someone to do this and I am glad it was you, Mp3tag is the best tag program out there, and it now handles wave files!

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