In mp3tag geänderte Einträge für Werktitel und Satz werden in macOS Musik (ALAC) nicht angezeigt

nach der Bearbeitung der Tags von ALAC-Dateien werden bei "Werk und Satz verwenden" in macOS Musik die in mp3 eingetragenen Tags für Werktitel (WORK), Satz (MOVMENT, MOVMENTTOTAL) und Satztitel (MOVMENTNAME) nicht angezeigt.
Gebe ich die entsprechenden Tags jedoch in macOS Musik ein, werden sie umgekehrt in den entsprechenden Feldern in mp3tag angezeigt. Sind in der Datei bereits (in macOS Musik nicht angezeigte) Daten vorhanden, werden diese und zusätzlich die über macOS Musik eingegebenen Daten in mp3tag beide angezeigt.

Ggf. besteht ein Zusammenhang zur Checkbox bei macOS Musik " Komponist in allen Darstellungen anzeigen", mit welchem Feld kann diese über mp3 gesteuert werden?
Was könnte ansonsten das Problem lösen?

Danke vorab.

macOS 12.6.3, Musik, mp3 1.7.3 (74)

The Music app in MacOS (and iTunes in Windows) will not refresh the metadata automatically for files that have already been scanned into the library. You will need to force this to happen.

See here for some suggestions.

The error already occurs during the first import of the ALAC files. Opening the info panel does not change the display. Only when I manually click on each individual title and then select work titles does the display change.

I have found a field in all of my mp4 ALAC files that have a MOVEMENT and WORK field filled also have a new field SHOWMOVEMENT with a flag set to 1. Perhaps this tells Music to enable the display of these extra fields? I use Windows+iTunes with many tracks using these fields, but I can’t recall if I first added them using iTunes or mp3tag.

This is the way. Setting SHOWMOVEMENT to 1 will switch into classical music mode and will display the work and movement-related fields.

Unfortunately, this is not the solution. I had set SHOWMOVMENT to 1 via mp3tag before importing the ALAC files into the music app. Attached are screenshots from mp3tag and the music app of a sample file.
1 Screen 2023-02-07 um 11.13.34.pdf (523,1 KB)
2 Screen 2023-02-07 um 11.10.16.pdf (307,2 KB)
3 Screen 2023-02-07 um 11.10.25.pdf (192,0 KB)
4 Screen 2023-02-07 um 11.10.40.pdf (177,5 KB)
5 Screen 2023-02-07 um 11.10.52.pdf (188,5 KB)

It seems to be different on your Mac. I've tried to recreate the issue you're describing using

and I'm getting the correct view on initial import into on both macOS Monterey 12.6.3 and macOS Ventura 13.2

Then I will delete the files from the music app and hope that it will work when I import them again.
What access rights do your files have in macOS?
Can the "Show composer in all displays" field be controlled via mp3tag?

I think I don't understand the question. Are you referring to access rights on the file system level for the music files? It's read and write access for my local user account.

Unfortunately not. In my tests, enabling this option had no effect on the actual metadata in the file so I guess it's stored in the library database.

The cause seems to be the conversion of the files from FLAC to ALAC. I had first edited the tags in FLAC files, then converted them to ALAC with the XLD app and imported them directly into the music app. Apparently the conversion changes the SHOWMOVMENT setting even though it shows up correctly in Mp3tag. If I open the ALAC once in Mp3tag and resave and then import it works.

If you have SHOWMOVEMENT in FLAC, XLD would create a user-defined field SHOWMOVEMENT in the MP4 tag as it has no native field mapping of this field name to the MP4 shwm atom.

Re-saving the file in Mp3tag performs this conversion.

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