Inaccurate returns by $meta(x,0) in a special case


Inaccurate returns are given by meta placeholders for value 0 if they refer to their own field.

I've made some tests with Format value, based on this multivalue field: TESTING=Arnold\Bruce\Cedric

Tested in v2.93

Note: The forum replaces double back slashes with single so Arnold\Bruce\Cedric means triple values

===== Issue 1 =====

Format string : $meta(testing,0)

the return is the multivalue Arnold\Bruce\Cedric

However, with

Format string : $meta(testing,1)

the return is Bruce

and with

Format string : $meta(testing,2)

the return is Cedric

So it seems that the format string in the first example (value 0) incorrectly returns the full multivalue. But if you use it for a different field:

Format string : $meta(testing,0)

then the return is Arnold

So the issue only occurs when the format string refers to value 0 and to its own field

===== Issue 2 =====

A similar issue but for %fieldname%

Format string : %testing%

returns Arnold\Bruce\Cedric


Format string : %testing%

returns Arnold

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Thanks for reporting!

I can reproduce and confirm Issue 1, which is based on a (wrongly performed) optimization in the Format value action. I'll fix that to the next release.

If you're interested in the details: I'm comparing the existing and new values and don't change anything, if they're identical. However, I was only comparing the first value, which leaves the complete field untouched in case of $meta(field,0).

Issue 2 is a little bit different: it currently leaves the field untouched if you're using %field% as format string. This is only due to the erroneous check described above. Why? Because %field% always returns the first value of field. So after Issue 1 is fixed, both cases from your example in Issue 2 should return Arnold.

A meta comment: you can wrap strings containing backslashes in backticks ` so that they're formatted as preformatted text, e.g., Arnold\\Bruce\\Cedric.

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Thanks for the details, they made me realize that if the receiving field is a multivalue field too, and value 0 is identical in both fields, then this bug will occur regardless. So the format string doesn't need to refer to its own field as I concluded.

Great that you can fix it soon!



I've fixed this with Mp3tag v2.93a. Thanks again for reporting!

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Thanks for the fix! I've tested and it's working properly now.

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Excellent! Thanks for confirming the fix.


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