.inc files not exported on "Save configuration"

Hello everyone;

I'm working with WS scripts; more specifically with the [include] key, which when used, enables a script to call another description file (as defined in the Web Sources Framework help page) which is saved as a .inc file (whereas 'main' scripts are .src files).

Upon updating Mp3tag to v3.00d (or any time I update, for that matter) I saved my current configuration (File >Save configuration) which exports my current settings and and ws source files into a .zip archive.
When I restore the settings\sources from that archive, all the .src files are (correctly) restored, but the .inc files are not present. By checking the contents of the .zip archive, I verify that the .inc files are not present, i.e. thay have not been exported.

I believe this behaviour is incorrect, and consider it to be a bug.

Thank you.

Good catch! Thank you for reporting.

I'll fix it with the next release.

Thank you very much!

Also - and I just noticed:
v3.00d // on any menu with keyboard shortcuts present, "Ctrl" is displayed as "Ctrl"; "Shift" as "Shift", but "Alt" is "ALT" (in caps).

By the way, apart from "General Discussion" Is there any specific tag for feature requests / improvement suggestions? I've had had some ideias I'd like to share, but can't really find a place to post them (like 'bug reports' or ' support'). Is a 'feature request' tag not possible?

I've fixed the issue with Mp3tag v3.00e (and also adjusted the keyboard shortcuts as you've suggested). Thanks again.

Regarding the feature requests: you can simply use #general for that. Most of the posts there are suggestions and feature requests.

Will do. And again, thank you for your hard work.

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