Incompatibility of Library and Preserve file modification time options

Hello everyone
After reading several posts, I think the "library" and "Preserve file modification time when saving tags" options are incompatible.
Indeed, it seems that the library is only reloaded if the file modification dates are changed.
Can you confirm it to me?

Are these answers a valid confirmation?

including the one from Florian:

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The library works all the time when switched on.
If you use MP3tag to modify a file but set the option to preserve the modification date, MP3tag still knows that the file has changed and updates the library.
So if the file has not been changed in the meantime, nothing is lost.

Any changes outside MP3tag that also preserve the modification date will make MP3tag skip the update when reading the file next time.

So, no: these 2 options are not incompatible as the are both managed by MP3tag.
Anything outside MP3tag cannot be controlled by MP3tag.

Thank you for your answers which satisfy me.
I had a library problem but I understood why afterwards: I had worked on 2 different workstations and therefore 2 MP3Tags.

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