Incompatibility w/ recent TotalCmd.


First of all, thanks for a extraordinary plugin.
I completely adore AnyTag.
It's brilliant.

Up until recentely, I've been using Total Commander v7.04a, in other words the most recent build of 7.0x series. Everything worked fine there. However. Now I'm using 7.50a, and I've found one flaw, or whatever its to be called. Anyways, the compatibility is fine for most part, with one exception. Earlier, I could use File / Attributes, and there choose AnyTag plugin and do tagging by setting fields there, targetting multiple fields, if I wanted to. This was outstanding. Now, with TotalCmd v7.5x it just doesn't work. The AnyTag plugin doesn't show. I'm not sure if it's something with TotalCmd 7.5x being more or less 100% UNICODE-based, or whatever. I'm no architetcture expert, but just a simple end-user! :wink:

Anyways, would be cool if you sometime have some time over to make some "update" which would work with TotalCmd 7.5x. Would be much appreciated.