Inconsistent column headings in tag source result window

During a query of the online tag source discogs for information about a release we get to the tag source result window, in german called "Anpassen der ermittelten Informationen". The title list in the lower left block of this windows contains column headings that are inconsistent, i.e. they differ from the names used in the column headings of the file list main window.
In the example below some of the headers consist presumably of the internal tag fields "Title", "ARTIST", "COMPOSER" or "Discnumber" (not shown here) instead of the tag names "Titel", "Interpret", "Komponist" or "CD-Nummer" translated to the choosen language. Only the headers for "Track" and "Länge" seem to be the same as in the main window.
I think that having the same column headings in both windows would be useful.

Thanks for the pointer.

My plan is to rework this dialog at some point — however, it would then show the untranslated field names for all fields. I'll keep you posted.

Done in Mp3tag v3.12c.

OK, thanks for the info.
I think for me the former dialog box was clearer and easier to use, because it immediately showed in the title list the list of artists for various artist albums and the list composers (if delivered by the web source script). In the new version I have to scroll through the title list in order to see the artist or the composer displayed in the box above. This needs much more mouse and eye movements than before.
Also it would be helpful to have the possibilty to resize those boxes with a horizontal line between them, that can be pulled with the mouse.

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Thank you for the feedback!

I've made some further improvements with Mp3tag v3.12e which include the display of track-specific fields and the translation of those column headers as suggested in your original post.

Thank you for the update, it works very fine.
But I think it still could be improved a little bit, because the columns for tags with numbers would look better if they were right justified. This concerns at least the fields for tracknumber, length and discnumber.
And finally one more thing that I noticed is the background frame around the two boxes for the metadata is a bit too small.

Thanks for the feedback!

Good idea. I have to think about track number, though: Windows lists only allow left alignment for the first column.

I've noticed this too and fixed it already in my local version.

I've added this with Mp3tag v3.12f, but not for the first columns (as explained above).

Fixed, thanks for pointing!

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