Inconsistent HTML generated in 2.89

I have been exporting large HTML files across many different versions of MP3Tag. No changes have been made in the .MTE recently. After converting MP3Tag v 2.88a to MP3Tag v 2.89, the exported HTML no longer functions as expected. I reinstalled 2.88a and it works fine.

Looking at the generated HTML it appears that MP3Tag is handling a specific $Replace differently. The .mte that is used to build the HTML contains the following:

data-file="$replace(%_folderpath_rel%Tracks.html,\,/, ,'%'20)"  

Under 2.89 the generated HTML was:


while under 2.88a it was:


Notice the additional ../ in the statement generated in v 2.89.

Please let me know if any additional information would be helpful.



Can you please check with Mp3tag v2.89a, I think I've fixed that one already.

Right you are, Florian. I hadn't realized that v2.89a had come out. Thanks!

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