Inconsistent treatment of too long descriptions of tag fields

Under the

Tools > Options > Tag Panel > Tag Panel [area] > Edit Field [icon]

we can choose how a given tag field should be described

But since recent changes which gave us the ability to choose the length of a tag field and the ability to manipulate basic fields like TITLE, we can now easily run into situation, where the description of SMALL or SMALLER fields exceeds the horizontal space. And what happens then if it does?

A] If the descriptions consists of one word [string], then it is simply truncated. And we can see that truncation, as the last visible sign might have its right side chopped off

B] If the descriptions consists of more than one word [string], the first word [element] that should be truncated is simply not drawn; along will all of the rest that should follow it

So I propose to make cases like B behave like A. Or at least draw ..., which would be consistent with what happens in Columns when there is too many data in a tag field