Incorrect count of selected files shown in Status Bar

There are 2 ways to reproduce this:

Method 1

  1. Load multiple files into Mp3tag.
  2. Select 1 and only 1 file: observe the selected file count is 1 on the status bar.
  3. Unselect all files either by Ctrl + U or via the Edit menu: observe that the selected file count remains 1 even though no files are highlighted. Also, the Save button is greyed out.

Unselecting works properly if multiple files have been selected.

Method 2

  1. Load multiple files into Mp3tag.
  2. Select 1 or more files.
  3. Open the filter view (F3 or via the View menu) and apply a filter that returns zero matches (for example: %_filename% IS "").
  4. Close the filter view: observe that no files are highlighted and the Save button is greyed out, but the number selected remains as when first selected.

Mp3tag ver 2.88e
Windows Home ver 1803

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I've fixed this with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.88f. Thanks for reporting!

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