Incorrect import of Amazon thumbnails for album art


I love this program and I use to right-click their album thumbnails and then paste it in to MP3Tag when adding album art to my MP3 files. But recently, when I do this, the picture, whilst correct on Amazon displays garbled within MP3Tag. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling MP3Tag but the problem is still there and it never used to do this.

I have attached a picture so you can see what I mean.

How can this be resolved?

Many thanks.

Ian Walker

Have you tired to download the file to the file system first and then add it with the extended tags dialogue?
(BTW: cut&paste via the clipboard converts the picture into an uncompressed bitmap and so makes it bigger than a jpg ...)

How do I do what you are asking? The thing is that it has always worked the way I described it ever since I first discovered this program years ago which is why I cannot understand why it is not working anymore.

If I download the image and then add it manually I get the same result.


I am a little puzzled. Do you know how to download the file to the file system or don't you?
As your observation cannot be reproduced (by me) we have to rule out the following:

  • Has Amazon stored a correct image? Sometimes you get a preview but no large file or a file could be corrupted. This can be checked if you download the file to your local file system and inspect it there whether it is alright prior to incorporating it into an MP3.
  • The next step would have been to see if the picture file is allright in the file system but isn't once it is stored in the mp3 file whether this happens to all cover files or just this one.
  • Then check if the music file has problems. You could do this with mp3val.
    If the music file is allright, the picture file is allright, then the last possibility could be a faulty harddisk, so check the harddisk whether there is a sector that slowly looses its integrity.

And if all this does not lead to an indication why this happens on your machine, I am at my wit's end.

Amazon has a correct image as far as I am aware. The image is fine when I open it in the filesystem but looks corrupt when put in to MP3 tag. On my PC I use the portable version of MP3Tag and it works fine, I can import art with no problem. I will try this version on the machine with the problem and let you know the outcome.

I am actually running MP3Tag within Parallals on my Macbook Pro as there is no native Mac version but I have never had that issue before either so I will investigate further. I was referring to using the 'extended tags' option that you referred to that had me confused.



I do not know anything about the ability of a macbook to handle dragging & dropping.

You find the Extended Tags dialogue if you select at least one file in the files list of MP3tag and press Alt-T. There you find a function to load a cover file.
It could be that "parallels" does not work quite as parallel so that a bit or two get jumbled. If you use the extended tags dialogue you access the file directly without the use of a drag&drop mechanism.

Do you want only small covers?
If not you should use a tag source script to get the covers.


It could be a Parallels issue as I never noticed it when I was using VMWare Fusion.

How can I implement the script you mentioned?



Have a look at the menu "Tag Sources". There you find Menu items for various sources and also (at least) two for covers from AMAZON.
Select all the files of an album for which you search the covers, the call the function for the cover source you like.
You are then guided through some more dialogues. Once you have determined the desired cover you may also set whether you want to only save it to the files or only the folder or both (button at the bottom left).

And to search you have to download+install a script from here:

Thanks very much for all of this.

Will there ever be a native Mac version of this software? I'd be willing to pay if there was.