Incorrect Information Being Displayed in WMP

Hello All,

I just discovered MP3Tag a few days ago and I have been learning how to use it ever since.

Let me start at the beginning that will eventually lead me to this point.

I have a large CD collection and ordered my first portable MP3 player, ever. The player arrived yesterday but I'm still waiting on my Micro SD card to arrive. With the player having enough memory to hold my entire CD collection, I began ripping the CDs to my hard drive, specifically MY MUSIC folder as soon as I placed the order. I had been doing this for a few days before I discovered MP3Tag and thought, "Wow! I can finally detail all of those other MP3s I have stored in the folder, giving them album art and other bits of information.

2500+ songs later, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm almost done. So I crank up the computer's surround sound speakers and put Windows Media Player on shuffle. That's when I noticed a problem.

Many of the songs play as expected, displaying the correct album art, song title, artist and album. I am very happy with that. But others don't. For example, I have a song..

Artist: Firehouse
Title: Get in Touch
Album: Hold Your Fire

The song plays with the correct album cover art but none of the information is correct.

Instead I get:
Artist: Dangerous Toys
Title: Sticks & Stones
Album: Hellacious Acres

I've reopened the single song with MP3Tag, made sure all the information was correct and saved it. I removed the Tags and played the song again. I rebooted my computer to try it after a fresh start. And after all that, I still have the same problem.

When I go to the Dangerous Toys folder and play "Sticks & Stones", everything plays and displays correctly.

I've also noticed the misinformation problem on a number of other MP3s. Some play the song with all the wrong information and some play the song with the wrong informationn and cover art. The cover art sometime matches the incorrect information being displayed but it is usually correctly matched to the MP3 being played. I can't seem to find a pattern as to which songs are affected and which aren't.

I tried to manually change the information through WMP but it is incredibly slow and it took me a good 30 minutes to correct 3 albums. With 10 minutes average to fix the misinformation and having to go through 2500+ songs to verify that they are correct or in need of correction can't possibly be my best or only solution.

So I come here searching for help from you fine folk. I can hope for an easy fix but I'm willing to try almost anything that will help resolve this issue in a timely manner. If you have any ideas on how to get me back on track, please let me know. I will give you whatever information I can to help but please remember, I am a MP3Tag novice.


Sorry for the double post but I think I found and fixed the issue.

In some of my artists folders, I had some duplicate mp3s that hadn't been updated with mp3Tag. So I removed anything with the generic musical note icon and updated the album info. That seemed to correct all the issues.

I played the Firehouse songs again and everything was as it should be. Then I played the mp3s using shuffle and everything seemed to be in order. I don't understand why duplicate files would cause such an issue but hopefully it is resolved.

WMP has a database and an albumart cache and relies sometimes on the file folder.jpg.
As long as these two storages are not updated or the folder.jpg does not match you get misleading information.

Delete the folder LocalMLS in the folder
(search for it with the Explorer).
The folder will be recreated with the updated data.

Also, it may be a good idea to delete all folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg files in the music folders.
They also get recreated by WMP in Win7.