Incorrect Lengths Showing Up in WMP11


Sorry for the, once again, noobish questions I always ask, but here goes:

I recently ripped a local band's CD with EAC and a recent copy of LAME into V0 VBR, and it encoded great, showed up in Mp3tag fine with all the metadata correct.

However, when I fire it up in WMP11, the tracks all show up with very short lengths (always under a minute and sometimes even under 10 seconds). They all play fine, but they can't seek correctly, and it is a bit annoying.

For the record, I am saving tags to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.


Your problem has nothing to do with tags, but with WMP's inability to parse the Xing header that VBR files encoded with LAME and most other encoders have. WMP will scan the very first audio frame and use those values for the remaining file, which is nonsense for VBR since each frame can have a different bitrate. Nothing you can do about that except get a decent audio player. :slight_smile:


Alright. Thanks.

Is there, by any chance, anything I can do to change this to some other sort of header? I have a bunch of V0 VBR files with other encoders, and their lengths all show up fine...


No this is not possible. It all comes down to what the first frame contains and what the average bitrate is. Your V0 files probably have a first frame bitrate that is very close to the actual average bitrate of the file. If your files however have an average of 192 kbps and the first frame has 32 kbps because it contains digital silence, your play time will be off by several seconds at least.
Also, altering the MP3 files would be a step in the wrong direction because they are valid - WMP needs to finally adopt Xing / VBRI header parsing.


I don't know for sure, but there maybe some chances.

Take one of your 'bad' files, make sure that the read-only fileattribute is set to off, and let it read in once by the Realplayer. The Realplayer is able to fix some obscure corrupted anomalities.

Try foobar2000, section Utils, Fix VBR MP3 Header.

Try foobar2000, section Utils, Rebuild MP3 stream.



Thanks you guys. I appreciate the help DetlevD, but these MP3s are all perfectly valid. I just ripped them from a CD with EAC. Plus, the lengths show up fine in any other player.


Please let us know what 'recent copy of LAME' did you use?



DetlevD, why is it so hard for you to understand that WMP does not read Xing / VBRI headers needed for calculating the playtime of VBR files?

Edit: Wait a second - this is actually very funny since WMP 11 should support Xing headers. sigloiv, did you specify -t as argument for encoding?