Incrementing Tag Values

I am new to Mp3tag and wonder if it is possible to do the following.

I have a series of mp3 files and I would like to set up one of the tags so that it repeats from file to file with only a minor change. Here is what I'm thinking of: file 1 would be labeled "Disc 1, Track 1", file two would be "Disc 1, Track 2" etc.

Of course, I could manually enter each tag, incrementing the track number for each. Is there a way to automate this with Mp3tag using something like a macro, or script? If so, how would I go about it?

Thanks for any suggestions.


I would suggest to use the auto-numbering wizard (Tools), put all files in the right subseqeunt order, mark them and tell the wizard to start with 101 for the first disk, 201 for the second disk and so on.

Another way is to take 2 digit-numbers for the TRACK and use the DISCNUMBER tag in addition.