InEffective Web-Sources


Has anyone noticed the same problem as me ?

Every try to get albumart/cover from Amazon(,.de,.com,.fr) using the following web-sources sinks.I always get the messge "Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria"

I use: / .de / / .fr
In specific:

It fails for every album i may search for.Even the most popular ones.
Is there something wrong with the source itself or am i doing something wrong ?


Actually, I've been experiencing the same exact thing. The only source better for non-scan album art is Wikipedia, and that's impossible for web sources based on its very open nature.

Can someone please fix this web source for us idiots?


Please test this update and give feedback!


This one seems to be working as expected ! Thank You :smiley: :smiley:
However, i would still want to see the,.de,.fr sources do the same. :unsure: :unsure:
I hope this would be easy for you to fix.


The updated scripts are now in the Archive.


Thanks for responses and solution :slight_smile:

I'll be using this thread in the future to share any problems occuring related to my web-sources.


Excuse my stupidity, but I can't find this aforementioned Archive. I've also update to 2.38 without any luck...

EDIT: Wow. After 20 minutes of searching before posting this, I found it 30 seconds after. Thank you! Works great.