Info about Unicode vs. ASCI coding


I would like to recommend the creation of some kind of a warning / instruction for the issue with non "standard" [diatric] signs like "ã", "è" and "ū", that can happen while exporting tags to a file. It would be useful for the inexperienced users. Because if one has tags with signs like that, then after exporting them to a TXT file those signs will get "anglicized" [simplified into "a" "e", "u"]. And in order to prevent that a user would have to first know about existence of signs like that in his / hers tags; and then adding an order for changing the coding to the UTF-8 / UTF-16

And in comparison, if a casual user creates in Windows a new TXT file and put in it a sign like "ã", then when saving it [in also default ASCI] a warning and a short simple instruction will pop out

Such an info about abilities of Unicode [like in Windows] could either pop out at the time of [or after] exporting; or it could be mandatory added to the top of a just craeted list [explaining that some signs were changed and why]

I came up with that idea near the end of a topic dealing with this issue: List of albums

This approach would mean that mp3tag should know something about the abilities, functions, standards and conventions of the target format.
Yet, mp3tag does not evaluate whether the generated result is correct for a format like html, xml, csv, rtf and so on. And also not for txt.
The user has full control over the output and can manipulate that with replacements, regular expressions, variables and text constants and settings for the encoding.
The help is fairly clear about this. Also, the example exports show the option to set the encoding.
And if, on the other hand, a conversion is the intended result then a warning would be annoying as it would appear everytime the export is called.
Switching off the warning (as this would probably be the next suggestion) would then set the system to the current behaviour as I doubt that anyone would switch that warning on again when creating a new report because that would serve as a reminder that you have to take care of the enconding.