Info about unsupported Tags


I have a question about the ID3 v2 tags like composer or company (or whatever unneeded ID3 v2 info that you can think of) that mp3tag don't support. I don't really need them and I'm glad thath mp3tag dont support them because it'll become too bloated. My question is what happens with all those unsupported tags when we write new ID3 v2 tags to a file - are they keeped or removed? If they stays is it possible that you create an option - "Remove unsupported tags" - that will be something nice.

Strip all tags except the main ones...


you can edit, remove or add these extended ID3v2 fields via View, Tags.. with the latest version of Mp3tag.

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Thanks for the answer. But I asked what is the situation with the tags that Mp3tag doesn't support. Is there a way to clear them?


Either I misunderstand you, or you misunderstood Florian. MP3Tag now offers support for all (including user defined) ID3v2 fields. If you want to remove these, mark the files you want to edit and hit ALT+T. All ID3v2 fields found will be listed in the new window. You can now add new frames, as well as modify or remove the existing ones.


OMG, this is some really big developement from the last time I've downloaded. GREAT! And keep up the great work guys!!!