Info of songs (title, artist etc) contained in tag(s) of big mp3 files (dj mixes) that change at given times

I don't know if this should go to "feature request" or if it's already doable.
I have a question. It's similar to many questions in other threads I have read, but I didn't find any with the exact result I want...
I wonder if it's possible to tag a big mp3 file which is a dj mix. It contains of course many tracks (songs). My goal is, while this mix is playing, the song (title, artist etc.) that you are listening should be visible in the tag area of the player, for example VLC player, or better OBS (or other streaming software) if you are streaming online.
I mean, could this big mp3 file be tagged (multi-tagged?) so that for example, from 00:00:00 to 00:03:00 to show the tag of the first song playing (title, artist etc,), from 00:03:01 to 00:07:23 show the tag of the secong song, etc etc.?
It would be very usefull for the streaming of my amateur internet radio (with OBS or other streaming software), and for my personal listening with, lets say VLC player. And I think it would be better if this info was scrolling (there are (software) mini players out there that don't have space for this info). Maybe scrolling function depends on the player itself? Anyway...
I am very sorry if this is already answered, but I can not find it...
Some tries I did using Extended Tags didn't have this result at all. There was not any time selection of the fields about when to show or hide.. Or I didn't understand how it's working..

It is possible to have multiple tag fields for most, however there most players are not able to handle these properly. For your specific request to have these change at times while playing, this is not possible with any player. I don’t think there is anything in the spec for id3 or others that would provide a means for this.

You can separate these into individual tracks that can each be tagged as you wish. Use a gapless format and there will be no pause while playing, but the tags will update as you desire.

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@MotleyG thanks for the response!
I know I can split the mix into many tracks but its not what I wish... I have tried it in the past but -beyond the time needed to do this- vlc had a tiny gap between the tracks (not the tracks themselves). That was not the only reason I gave up this method of course, I wanted to test if this could be done with ID3 tagging only.
I understand that maybe my request is not possible...
To be honest, I am not interested for the hardware players to show the artists/titles of the mix. I wanted the PC players (software players like vlc, or any other) or embedded players in websites to be able to show this info... But maybe even this, is impossible. There is no "time selection" to put the various fields on ID3 tag, so...
Anyway, thank you very much for the answer, I appreciate that!

P.S. If this "feature" was possible, I would use it mostly for streaming. But, I stream only on "free" platforms (...) like facebook, youtube, twitch... Unfortunately they all need video, too. I use OBS, so a solution for this could be a subtitles file (.srt for example) or something like this but this is not our subject here...
Thanks again!

Besides the idea that this is currently not a supported option under the existing metadata structures for any platform (ID3, MP4, etc), it is highly unlikely that these platforms would have any benefit. Since this would be a brand new addition to the metadata structure if it were to be implemented, it would take a long time for those to gain acceptance and move into the mainstream. Even id3v2.4 hasn't been widely implemented and it has been around for over a decade.

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I didn't know that... Neither I knew if this "feature" existed or not.

I never talk about benefit (financial) but this is another story... These are companies though, so I guess you are right. They don't do anything without financial benefit. Maybe that's the cause that id3v2.4 hasn't been widely implemented yet, who knows...
I'm afraid that the conclusion is that I have to forget this "type" of id3 tag.

Thank you very much for the help and the info.

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There exists a solution but it would be a very odd workaround.
There is a ID3v2 tag-field called SYLT ( Synchronised lyrics/text) and there are players that support it.
You could misuse it for entering informations about artist and title sychronized to the time.

MP3Tag does not support SYLT.
You would have to use a SYLT-Editor like

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... and you need a player that displays this kind of lyrics. The TITLE would stay the same, though.

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Hi poster.
This is a very interesting method/solution! I know it's almost impossible though, because I don't think there are "many" hardware and software players supporting this feature, but as an idea it's almost what I need...

Hi ohrenkino, thanks for your response, too.
Yes, I guess you are right. A player supporting this kind of lyrics (or a software player/embedded player in a webpage etc.) will be hard to find.
As for streaming, I could test "SLYT" through OBS. Using OBS I could try to show a text string on the broadcasting video from SLYT contents, but I don't know if this is possible.
Also, the TITLE would stay the same, yes, but this is not a problem for me. The TITLE could be for example "December 2025 mix - Dj xx" and "lyrics" could include a text changing with timestamps, like for example "SaPaTEk - 23" (artist and title of the track playing at that time in the text string).

Thanks both of you for the answers :slight_smile:
In my opinion, the conclusion is that ID3tag does not support what I need "directly".
SLYT could be used to add this info to ID3tag (with unknown results), but mp3tag does not support (edit) SLYT.
But I think it's worth to take a try (at least with OBS).

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