Information displayed during playback

Hi, just started using mp3tag to digitise all my cd's (New car has no cd player). I'm quite a novice, but found the program to be xcellent for the job in hand. When playing back my files you can only see artist & title in the display. Is there any way that I can edit the tags to show album name as Headline - then title & artist separately? All aspects of the program are very useful and I will donate soon.


Are you sure you are talking about MP3Tag?
Ripping CDs is not a feature of MP3Tag.

What you see in your display of the car-mp3-player depends on the player, the tags the player uses and the tags-fields you have filled in your mp3s.
If you player does not care about the album-tag, you will never see it.
On the other hand if your player is capable of showing the album-tag but you have no album-tag filled in your mp3s theres, the player will not show it.