Information inside finder is missing

Just now I bought Mp3tag for Mac and I could not find any reason, why all the mp3 information shown in Mp3tag isn't shown in the Finder window "Information". There is just "--" shown.
What do I have to do or change in any setting?
I'm using macOS Monterey V12.6.1

Can you post an example screenshot from Mp3tag and Finder showing the same file?

In this example all information under "Weitere Informationen" is missing

.... and in this example Kommentar is different --> so is it any ID Tag Version issue?

I'm using standard settings of MP3TAG under Tag Formate

As APE tags are the dispayed tags - what happens if you set the option to not read (and write) APE tags?
Does this show better data in MP3tag?
And once the data looks OK in MP3tag, remove the APE tags.