Initial Tag Caching

Hi Guys,
Can anyone through some light on the following please?
I use MP3TAG as part of my FLAC media management of around 10000 files (songs)
This is held on a Synology DS411 NAS as a share to our network. I only ever use MP3TAG to add tags to new ripped media but increasingly have to wait for the program to read the tags from all media before I can add tags using the scripts I have created (some time ago now!)

I did try to use an SSD to speedup the tag cache but this didn't help too much. So ideally I guess it would be best to be able to review the media files 'as files' rather than tags as an option. So then in my case I wouldn't need to always have to obtain the list of tags before I could start work.

Any help or other ideas on this would be helpfull.

Great product otherwise.

See Tools>Options>Folders and the option "Start in this folder": there you can specify either a folder with existing files or an empty one. If there are not files, then you do not have to wait.
Without this option set, MP3tag always starts in the last folder from the last session.

Isn't this just ensuring which directory (and subdirectory) is used to cache tags from ??

I always use the same folder (has to be a mapped network drive otherwise I'd have to change all of my scripts :slight_smile:)

When I set this option the Directory in the left panel of the MP3TAG changes to C:. . . . and the MP3TAG installed directory in which there are no media files so it loads very quickly. If I change this to K:\ where my files are then the long tag cache starts.

Are you suggesting that I paste the directory of the album/artist that I'm trying to deal with into the left panel directory field ???

This may do it . . . but lmk your thoughts/intention.


Not really. This just tells MP3tag which folder to open initially.
MP3tag does not cache any data of other files, whenever MP3tag treats a file, it knows only this file and nothing about the other files.
So if you think that loading takes too long, then reduce the amount of data that has to be loaded in one go.

This is one way to do it. Or drag&drop the folder from the explorer into MP3tag - like this you can load several, even separated folders in one go.
Or use the functions to open and add folders as can be found in the toolbar or the menu File.

Just to make sure: do you have the Library enabled at "Options > Library"? If not, enabling this can help too (especially with an SSD).