Initialize Album Name

Hi, I'm new to the forums but have been a long time mp3tag user for years.
I've been meaning to organize my mp3 songs by using tag->filename with this format %artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%.

But some album names make the file name become too long for my taste. I would like to shorten it by initializing album names.

For example: Cage The Elephant - Thank You Happy Birthday - 04 - Shake Me Down.mp3 to become
Cage The Elephant - TYHB - 04 - Shake Me Down.mp3

How do I do that?

Thank you. :book:

Hi RockmanNeo, to change the album part of the format string to only consist of "word's first letter capital characters", you can try something like this ...


... or this ...



This will give also good results, returning only upcase letters and digits.

$regexp($caps(%ALBUM%),'[^[:digit:][:upper:]]',) $regexp($caps(%ALBUM%),'[\D\U]',) $regexp($caps2(%ALBUM%),'[^[:digit:][:upper:]]',) $regexp($caps2(%ALBUM%),'[\D\U]',) $regexp($caps2(%ALBUM%,'() '''),'[\D\U]',)


Thank you thank you that works!! :smiley: