Inline editing of track number field not saved


I noticed the following behavior, which I believe to be a bug:
All displayed fields can be edited inline by clicking twice on them, then enter to save and go to the same field in the next line.
"Track" behaves the same way on my computer but the change is not saved after pressing enter: the Track field in the next line is indeed selected but the original value of the previous line is restored, as if no editing took place.

Example: 10 files loaded in mp3tag, with tracks labeled 1/10, 2/10 etc. I want the track numbering to be 01, 02 etc.

  1. Click twice on Track field in the first line. 1/10 is selected and ready to be edited.
  2. Replace value with 01 (the value is correctly displayed), then press enter.
  3. 2/10 in the second line is selected and ready to be edited. The Track value in the first line was reverted to 1/10.

Editing the same field in the left column works as expected (although it is more time-consuming).
Editing other fields inline works as expected.

MP3tag version 1.4.3 on macOS 12.3.1.

Related question: What would the correct syntax to perform this as an action on a batch of files be (Tried Format Tag Field on "TRACK": $num(%track$,2) but the field comes out blank) ? Happy to open another thread in support about this if needed.

Thank you,

Can you show the configuration of the Track column at Preferences → File List → Track?

To the related question: it's $num(%track%,2)

I also suggest updating to v1.5 — you're missing out on nice features :slight_smile:

Hello Florian and thank you for your (lightning fast) answer.
Here's a screenshot:

Field is supposed to be %track%

Ok I changed the Field value and indeed inline editing works perfectly.
I don't remember changing anything in the Preferences > File List panel before, but I may be wrong; apologies if that is my doing.

Thanks for your intervention (and related info). Updating to 1.5...
Have a good day.

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