Inner tags in "lyrics" field

Hi everybody.

In the 'Lyrics' field of a FLAC file I have a tag called [Chorus:]. When I open this file with Aimp I can see in the "lyrics" field that it modifies the rest of the content in bold.

Does anyone know a way to close that tag? I have tried with "[/Chorus]" or similar and it didn't work.

Does anyone know of more such tags to format the content of the 'lyrics' field?

Thanks in advance!

You could apply an action of the type "Replace" for UNSYNCEDLYRICS
Search string: [CHORUS:]
Replace string: CHORUS:
(the replace string is one of your choice that does not feature the characters or words that irritate your player).

Thank you very much, I have done so, I have removed all the tags with that format. The only thing is that I thought it would be interesting to play with them to show part of the text in the player in bold or to know if there are more options for labeling (e.g. colors, italics...).

But I have also found that the player I use with Android, Poweramp, does not play with that label and shows it literally in the text of the song.