Inporting bpm information


I'm using Mixmeister bpm calculator to figure out bpm's for my tunes. I use mp3tag in my other taging needs but one thing bothers me: I can't seem to get the importing function scripted right for the bpm-info exported from mixmeister. Mixmeister produces a .txt file where the info is writen one tag per line, different infos separated by tabs. The sequence is path&file.mp3, artist, title, bpm.

All I need is the bpm info from the taglist to be placed on the correct file. It seems simple but I haven't found the right script for this to work. And I know this is a real-life problem for a growing number of dj's using mp3s. So please help me out with this.

I've been very pleased with mp3tag so far and solving this minor issue would make it perfect for me and many, many other dj's.


That program writes the bpm value to the tag after scanning, have you checked the tags with ALT+T, you should see a BPM field?