Input from multiple paths

Hi there, is there a way for mp3tag to accept multiple paths to files at once? Before I always added the folder(s) manually that I wanted to get processed. As far as I know, despite the various export and tag options mp3rag has I've only seen one way to import into mp3tag which is to just add folder. I want to process a list of files all of which reside in various folder in various locations and those folders also containing files which do not need to get processed. Can mp3tag, perhaps through an action, accept this file list, for example from a txt file or a copy paste, and import?

An example of such a file list would be simply the entire path of each file:

G:\Music\VARIOUS ARTISTS\Pop-Rock\UK Top & Minor Hits\2000s\2002\2002-201 1 Giant Leap Feat. Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams - My Culture.mp3
G:\Music\VARIOUS ARTISTS\Pop-Rock\UK Top & Minor Hits\2000s\2004\2004-206 2Pac feat. Notorious B.I.G. - Runnin' (Dyin to Live).mp3
G:\Music\VARIOUS ARTISTS\Pop-Rock\UK Top & Minor Hits\1990s\1997\1997-204 2Pac & Snoop Doggy Dogg - Wanted Dead Or Alive.mp3
G:\Music\VARIOUS ARTISTS\Pop-Rock\UK Top & Minor Hits\1990s\1993\1993-019 4 Non Blondes - Whats Up.mp3
G:\Music\#\4 Skins, The\(1982) The Good, the Bad & the 4-Skins [Secret]\10. The 4 Skins-Sorry (1982) (10 of 15).mp3
G:\Music\VARIOUS ARTISTS\Pop-Rock\Time Life - AM Gold 1962 - 1979\Time Life-AM Gold-60s Generation-(FLAC)\AM Gold '60s Generation - 07 - Fifth Dimension, The - Aquarius~Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures).flac
G:\Music\VARIOUS ARTISTS\Pop-Rock\UK Top & Minor Hits\1970s\1974\1974-239 The Chi-Lites - Too Good to Be Forgotten.mp3
G:\Music\C\Chocolate Watch Band\Chocolate Watch Band - 1968 - The Inner Mystique\10 - misty lane.flac
G:\Music\C\Chordettes, The\Harmony Time (Volumes 1 & 2)\00. The Chordettes-Candy And Cake.mp3

You can see if I were to handle this manually for for example hundreds of files, I'd need to look up the files one by one and add them one by one. I can generate the file list easily with foobar2000.

Several options:
Use the Windows Explorer and drag&drop the individual files into MP3tag while you hold down the Ctrl key. THis adds the file to the already loaded files.
Navigate to the topmost folder and load all the files from all the subfolders. You can filter afterwards.

Use a playlist and drag&drop (or load) that into MP3tag.
You can also drag&drop files form iTunes - remember to press the Ctrl key while you do that.

Windows explorer isn't an option. The file list is generated from a search string based on metadata field value using search operators not present in explorer.
I don't use Itunes.
But playlist drag & drop seems to work from foobar2000 to mp3tag (so easy why didn't I think of that), thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

See menu option "Mp3tag/File/Load Playlist".
If there exist a textual list file, for example named "list.txt", then rename it to "list.txt.m3u" or to "list.m3u".
Now you can load this list file via Mp3tag menu, or by drag and drop.