Insert Artist in Filename

How could I insert artist in filename the mp3 don't have tags

This is a program to change exactly that. So fill the tags.
Get the title into the field TITLE
Enter the artist name in the corresponding field of the tag panel and press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
Then use the function Convert>Tag-Filename with the field names that you need.

@cornells Please stop sending a PM with the exact same question!
You will not get the answer faster.
Follow the given instructions. If you miss a step, read the FAQ and search this forum with the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.

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As apparently you are not really into tagging but fumbling with the filename, get yourself acquainted with the function Convert>Filename-Filename.
see the help:
Please note that mask for the new filename also allows scripting functions and text constants.
And while you are at it: try to use a decent separator between the artist name and the rest - so that if you get the idea that structured text in fields can be handled more easily than amorphous filenames, then it would be easier to import the data into the tag fields. The hyphen is no decent separator as it is part of ordinary text too often.