Insert FileName TXT List

Dears Sirs

I'm Ernandes, from Brazil. I'd like to suggest you to include TXT filename list to name automatically file names to mp4 files once could occur the files you have aren't named in their properties.

I am not quite sure I got what you need.
If you want to rename files without data in tags and get the name from a text file, then the way is to do it like this:

Load the data from the text file with Convert>Text file-Tag into a user-defined field like e.g. %new_filename%
After the import use Convert>Tag-Filename with
Format string: %new-filename%

But just renaming files from a text file would be a job for a command shell cmd-file.

What I would like do is:
Import a .txt file where contain all the names of my .mp4 files, for these files do not contain in their proprties the file titles. In other words, I need to put the names of my mp4 properties

THis would be the function Convert>Text file-Tag
Please see the help on this function:

I'm sorry but I am a very beginner on this issue. I don't understand how to do what you suggest. Just to help you understand me: My original mp4 files dont have the titles (Lesson themes for example) of each lesson. I would like to put this property into hundreds of different files automaticallymaybe using a list generated ino a .txt file

The change I need to do is in the TĂ­tulo Column

Yes, this is exactly what that function is designed to do.
Create a text file which contains all the data for the tag fields for one file in a single line.
The data should have a unique separator between the fields, e.g. the |
One of the parts in this single line should be the filename of the mp4 file - as MP3tag then looks for the correct line in the file.

So, a line in the file could look like this:
Wish you were here.mp4|Pink Floyd|Have A Cigar
and for the string that you have to enter in the Convert function it would be:

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I understand now. Thank you very much my friend