Insert Hyperlink in field

GOTCHA!! - specially if you have a memory like the biggest sieve in the universe like mine.

Very clever and thanks once again for your quick response and for sharing Ⓛ.

Incidentally may I ask what program you use for your screenshots, they are always so clear.

And I promise this to be the last request. How do you get the CTRL in a box like I have seen you use and poster in post:35 after:-
There is a limit of 10 with,,,,,

Vielen Dank

There is no special software, I just press my PrintScreen key ony my keyboard and draw a rectangle about the region I want to show. Windows is using the built in "Snipping Tool".
Sometimes I "obfuscate" some parts because they include some personal information.

You need to write <kbd> manually in front and </kbd> after such a keyboard key.
So for CTRL it would be <kbd>CTRL</kbd> to look like CTRL.

Ta very much once again for sharing LyricsLover.