Insert MD5 checksum CUE file in RTF configuration

Hello Mp3Tag Team!

I have my mp3s organized as follows (example):

Folder M/
Michael Bolton - Soul Provider_The Best Of Michael Bolton (CD1).mp3
Michael Bolton - Soul Provider_The Best Of Michael Bolton (CD1).cue

filename. mp3 - complete album
filename.cue - index tracks

I want create a RFT file list (using RTF file in "Export configuration") like this:

The question is: How to insert a command in RTF configuration to calculate the MD5 checksum of the CUE file? The filename of CUE file is the same of MP3 file and are in the same folder.

Thank you very much for your attention and sorry my bad english.

Paulo Volkova

The question is: do you see a cue file in MP3tag?
I think that the default installation does not include this file type. And as you can only use any function on the current file, I would think that the cue file is not even included as "current file".
You may add the extension to the read files. But then you have to treat that alien file with a condition, I would assume.

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