Insert Same Text In a Field That Contains Multiple Entries

Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster :slight_smile: I've been trying to figure out how to do this for the past few days and I can't quite seem to get it right. I've tried searching to no avail, so, I'm hoping someone can help...

What I am trying to accomplish is to copy the values from the PRODUCER field and insert them into the INVOLVEDPEOPLE field but with the text Producer: in front of the persons name.

For example, let's say I have Name1\\Name2\\Name3 in the PRODUCER field. I want to copy that to the INVOLVEDPEOPLE field as Producer: Name1\\Producer: Name2\\Producer: Name3. I created the following actions which will copy each name to the INVOLVEDPEOPLE field, but it only adds Producer: to the first entry. It comes out looking like this: Producer: Name1\\Name2\\Name3

Is it even possible to do what I am hoping to do? Here are the values for my current actions:

Action #1:

Action Type: Format Value
Format String: $meta_sep(producer,\\\\)

Action #2:

Action Type: Format Value
Format String: Producer: $meta_sep(involvedpeople,\\\\)

I have both of those actions inside of an Action Group. Any help would be appreciated!

I would merge the multi-value field first with a unique separator like ==,
Then copy that contents to the target field,
split the source field again by separator,
replace the == with ; producer:
add the leading "producer:" to the field,
split the field by separator ;

@ohrenkino I just tried what you suggested and that worked beautifully! Thank you. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

If anyone else comes across this post in the future, here is a screenshot of the Actions within a Group I created based on ohrenkino's solution.

I know I used the COMPOSER field in the screenshot instead of PRODUCER, but the concept is still the same :slight_smile: