Insert sequential number at beginning of title field

(Yes, I've searched. No, I've not found an applicable answer.)
I need to INSERT a sequential number at the beginning of each title field for tracks in a folder. The existing title needs to remain. I've manually sorted the files in MP3tag.

  • The track numbers are correct, and I am aware of the string "$num(%track%,3)", but don't know how to INSERT the string at the beginning of each title tag.

You can try Convert Tag -> Tag
and a Format string:
$num(%track%,3) %title%
$num(%track%,3) - %title%
if you want to separate the number from the existing title.

With Convert Tag -> Tag you can see the result in the preview immediately and you can adjust it to your needs.

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Just for the sake of this forum: the search words "insert number" give e.g. this thread as result:

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Worked flawlessly LyricsLover. Thank you. I'm still learning.

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Thank you again Obiwan Ohrenkino. :slight_smile: