Inserted CRLF when exporting field with more than one value

Before version 3.08 I was able to export files with this export definition


Even if artist field had more than one value separetad by \ \ , the exported CSV file had just the first value followed by the ; field separator.

Now, with v 3.08 if this field has more than one value, the exported CSV file has a CRLF inserted just before the ; field separator. Is this the expected behaviour?

My environment is Win 10 up to date, Mp3tag download from mp3tag web page.

the only fields that seems to have multi-values is COMPOSER:

I tried it with 3.08 installation and it worked like before: multiple values were shown, separated by a comma.
So: could you show us the screendump of the extended tags dialogue of a file where the export goes wrong? Or supply a link to such a file?

Thanks for your answer! I've just found what was going on (blame me fot it) I donwloaded a record from Qobuz store and, by default, the tracks file format is Wma, instead of Flac, which is the one I use for CD or haigher quality. I didn't notice it, so I believed I was working with Flac files. So I donwloaded the record again, but this time in Flac format. Now the Mp3tag export feature works as usual, being the same in 3.08 and in 3.07.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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