Inserting Lyrics using MP3 Tag

Can't believe I didn't know you could put lyrics in an mp3, found it by accident when searching for lyrics for a song.
Anyway I followed the instructions and now I have a small problem. The instructions says to use "USNYNCEDLYRICS" and past the lyrics in the bottom box. OK, I did that but at the beginning of the lyrics, after saving it, there's this funny word? for a better term and when I try to play the song there is no lyrics. I've tried to delete the word? but it comes back. any Ideas how to fix this or is this supposed to be there? this word looks like "eng||l' "

As you wrote you filled the tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS. As the word says the lyrics you put in there are not synchronizeded and not meant to show scrolling along when you play a song.
If your Player is able to do you anyway can show them at a whole.
"eng||" is at the beginning and shows the language. MP3Tag shows this but you don't have to care about it because other software that is able to show the lyrics doesn't show it. Answay it has to be in there.

What you are looking for ist the tag-frame SYLT (Synchronized Lyrics). This tag-frame is not supported by MP3Tag. To embed them in your MP3s you need other software, i.e.

Note that to have synchronized lyrics it is not enough to have the lyrics-text. The tag-field also needs to have information for synchronizing with the music. That means that if you don't embed already prepared lyrics its up to you to edit the sync-informations before embedding the lyrics.

A look into the help and the description of the field's format could also clarify the case:

Would just like to thank both of you for replying. POSTER: I didn't know what a hassle it would be just to have the lyrics show up. Isn't there a tag editor with this function built in? Realizing you pay for it where MP3Tag is free I use WINAMP, even though it no longer supported but I find it much better than other PC MP3 players out there. I've tried Musicbee and there's another one out there, which I can't remember it's name and the don't have the feel and interface like WINAMP does. If there is one please let me know.
orenkino: thanks for the link . Reading, but that for specific things, is not my forte especially when it comes to manuals. When a manual is put together there is no FLOW. In other words you read a sentence then it refers you to page whatever then you read another sentence then it refers you again either to the one you just read or to another page. It would be much simpler to just put that information, that you have to refer to, right there instead of going back and forth and in some cases the manual is written in such a way as to think you already know what to do or in a language that you have to look up words because the person writing it has a Masters Degree in Quantum Physics and just doesn't comprehend that the person reading is just an everyday guy.

Anyway Thanks. :rolleyes:

I understand you perfectly.
Yet, MP3tag is a very flexible program that gives you a lot of freedom to adapt it to your own workflow.
And this freedom comes with the effort to learn, there is no way around it. All other implementations lead to limitations.

I just tried to point out that the allegedly strange characters are there for a reason and that the reason is no secret.

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I do have to admit you are correct in the flexibility of MP3tag. I've been playing around with it and if you don't you don't realize how powerful the program actually is, and to think it's free too.
As far as the strange characters is concerned, I do believe that if you have never seen them before it only stands to reason you have to ask "why are they there".
I do have some questions in regards to customizing columns and the tag panel but that's for another time. I do appreciate your help and do wish you Happy Holidays. Thanks again.

Actually, there is a tag "lyrics" (field %lyrics%), which shows the synced lyrics in the columns and in the panel of Mp3tag, if you wish. It does not have any functionality (like automatic scrolling or synced lyrics editor) but it is there. I have a setup with both synced (%lyrics%) and unsynced (%unsyncedlyrics%) lyrics visible as fields in the panel just to check, what is the status of a certain mp3 file concerning lyrics. It is quite difficult to edit these lyrics in mp3tag, but you can use e.g. Foobar2000 with Lyrics Show Panel v3 for editing synced and unsynced lyrics.

I think that you have created a user-defined field with the name LYRICS.
You can check if this is the SYLT frame or a TEXT frame e.g. with mp3diags
(see How to check files for errors?)

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Hmm... interesting. Thank you for the hint for mp3diags, works great.

I think I have not set up (myself) any user-defined field for synced lyrics, the field %lyrics% was just available directly in the drop-down list of Mp3tag. In Foobar2000/Lyrics Show Panel v3 I used default tag LYRICS for the synced lyrics, and now it works both in Foobar2000 and Mp3tag. According to the mp3diags the implementation in mp3 tag structure is TXXX="LYRICS ", so it is an extended tag.

TXXX indicates a user-defined field. User-defined fields are not commonly supported (foobar2000 does, though)
The extended tags in MP3tag are simply a division between the most common ones and the others. And whereas the tag panel and the files list show only the fields that you set up, the extended tags dialogue shows (only) the tags that were actually found in the file. This could be less than that what you have defined in the other displays.
The fact that

simply means that you have used it before, regardless whether it is a standard field or a user-defined one.
You can reset the list of fields with functions of the right-arrow-button next to the dropdown list.

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Thank you for the good technical explanation. It is interesting to know how it works, even though it is of course the most important thing that it works.