Inserting tag into filename exluding characters

Say there are 5 files, numbered "001 %title%.mp3/m4a", "002 %title%.mp3/m4a, etc.... Could someone explain how to insert " - %artist% - " in-between the existing number and %title%, or conversely, how to increment a prefix 3-digit counter into a filename, following the file list? Rename utilities can do an incrementing counter at any point easily, but can't currently read tags out of audio. Thanks.

You can rebuild the entire filename from scratch - assuming, you have all the necessary informations in your tags. One way to do that is the Converter and Tag -> Filename ALT + 1 For more help please have a look at Mp3tag Help - convert tags from/to filenames .

One way to renumber your files is the Auto-numbering wizard CTRL + K.

You could try to rename the filename with Convert>tag-Tag for _FILENAME
Format string: $regexp(%_filename%,(\d+) (.*),$1 %artist% - $2)
If you do not want to use the Numbering assistant which writes to TRACK, you could use %_counter% as incremental number in the format string.

I've marked your response as solution, since it satisfied my request. I didn't know how to integrate regex with tags. I'm a regex newbie, obviously. Thank you very much.

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