Install Mp3tag Community PWA

I've just noticed this on my browser


I note that it's a .de extension .

Question is A) what is it ?

and B) is it available in English ?

This is apparently a (new) feature of Discourse, the platform this forum is currently running on, to make it easier to use in your browser. (There is also a mobile Discourse app wherein you can add different forums using the same platform. I am using it right now. I think it is only available in English at the moment.)

As for the top level domain, you were already using it when you posted this question and apparently English works just fine.


so I clicked on install and it immediately opened mp3tag community in a new window . So now I have two windows open , as a fan of tabbed browsing this is a step back to me .

I've uninstalled it.

what does PWA in the title mean ?

It's an edited title NOT my original one .

It's an acronym for Progressive Web App and it's the thing you're referring to in your post. I've added it to make it more clear that we're not taking about Mp3tag as an app here, but a feature of this community. This is also the reason why I've moved your post to #site-feedback

Furthermore, it would be helpful to not discuss moderator actions in the posts. You can always write me via PM if you feel that some of my actions need further explanation. This way, the topic stays on topic.

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happy with that provided the edit reflects the author and not the OP

You can press on the little orange-glowing edit icon to see all the edits made to a post (including the author).

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learn something every day , cheers :slight_smile:

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