Install-Routine in 2.23s


Hi Florian,

thanks for the latest development build. I noticed, that the Installer of 2.23s doesn't offer the option "Bisherig" by default anymore. It starts with "Normal" and if you change to "Bisherig" manually, all checkboxes are empty unaware of the last installation.

So my question is: Is this a wanted behaviour?

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Hi Picco,

it's working fine here. Are you sure, that there is a file Mp3tagSetup.ini in the installation folder (there where the previous version was installed to)?

Mp3tag uses this file to determine the previous installation options. If you're installing to a different folder, Mp3tag won't find this file.

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~ Florian



Previous :wink:

Anyways, it works fine for me as well. :unsure:

Edit: If you are interested, here is a screen capture (68 KB, 1280x1024, GIF)


Just found out something... If I select not to create any short-cuts or whatsoever (uncheck everything except the greyed out Mp3tag) and then launch the setup again, the installer will default to Normal, including the Desktop and Start Menu icons. I can manually select Previous or Lite, though.