Install Types: Normal vs Full vs Lite vs Previous vs Custom?


As I was updating to v2.87a, I paused to wonder which install type to choose. I just went with "Normal" because, even after perusing the website, I don't know how they differ.

Can someone please enlighten me?

Also, if I decided to switch to a "portable" destination folder, would the Explorer Context-Menu option still be available?


No, as you would need a registry entry on the local system for the shell extension.
Also, the portable installation uses a folder structure in the installation folder and does not rely on the WIndows file distribution.
Normal is the normal, non-portable installation on a local system.

OK. Thanks for the reply, ohrenkino. I figured that was probably the case with the portable version.

I'm still quite in the dark & curious about the ways the Normal, Full, and Lite installations differ from one another. Can anyone help me there?

Thank you!

I see only the options for standard and portable installation. Where do you find the other options?

Hi, ohrenkino. Thanks for responding.
On the v2.87a Setup, after going with Standard, you get a Choose Components screen, and there's a drop-down labeled "Select the type of install:".
It seems choosing Lite just unchecks all the optional-component boxes, but I don't see any difference between Normal and Full (all the boxes stay checked).
Maybe there isn't any difference, but if not, why include them both?

Any ideas? Am I missing something?

Thanks again!

There is one additional option "Quick-Launch Shortcut" which is only visible on pre-Windows 7 systems.

This makes the difference between "Normal" and "Full" and on everything Windows 7 and above, there is no difference between "Normal" and "Full".