Installing m3tag 2.46a in ubuntu 10.04 using wine 1.1.42

I'm trying to install mp3tag 2.46a in ubuntu 10.04 using wine 1.1.42. I doubleclick the exe and I get an error message saying it can't open the archive (says its trying to open a zip file, I think). Any help is appreciated. Wine installed fine. But the installer exe doesn't work.

I got it working. I copied the saved exe to the desktop, right clicked on it, selected open with from a list of programs, and chose wine browser, and it installed fine. Everything working fine.

Do yourself a favour and try puddletag. It's very intuitive to use if you're familiar with mp3tag, offers most of the same functionality (with some enhancements), native to Linux and avoids the limitations of running mp3tag under Wine (such as case insensitivity, inability to rename folders).