Installing MP3Tag in Windows Vista

I downloaded mp3tagv291setup but it will not open up for installation. I also tried to open the setup file for version mp3tagv284asetup. Same thing, neither one will open up. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Two ideas that might be worth investigating:

  1. You can try running the installer as administrator via the Explorer right-click context menu.

  2. If you're running software that might block installing software, you can try whitelisting Mp3tag here.

@Moonman Just for the record:
You are aware that you are using an unsecure, no more supported, outdated OS?

As of April 11, 2017, Windows Vista customers are no longer receiving new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft. Microsoft has provided support for Windows Vista for the past 10 years, but the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources towards more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.

And yes I know, that Florian still support Vista and even XP :fearful:

Yes, I'm aware that Microsoft no longer supports Vista. But what's that got to do with opening the install file? I've used MP3Tag on Vista for several years. I recently had to re-install Vista sp2 on this computer. I'm having to install all my program files again.

is already answered with "...invest our resources towards more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences...". Why should someone invest debugging time in his/her software, if the used OS is no longer supported even from its own producer?

What about Win95, Win98 or XP?

Restoring an image from your beloved Vista on compatible hardware takes about 60 Minutes, including all program files, settings and data. You can save a lot of time and trouble by using a current OS on up-to-date hardware and a backup software with mirror/imaging features.