Instead of "Right-Clicking" how to use "Keys" to open files in Mp3tag?

So, it's irritating me to always have to use Right-Click to open the files I've highlighted.... so is there a "key press" I can do, or is there a way to add Mp3tag to Windows Explorer top Menu section so I can stop stressing my hand some doing the right click?


Do you ask for this Windows Explorer top Menu?

Unfortunately, that's basically the same as "Right-Clicking".... If it was a separate Icon then that would be perfect.

Is there no "keypress" I could do also to activate Mp3tag with selected files?

If you set "Mp3tag - the universal Tag editor" as default program for all your music files in your windows settings:

you can just press ENTER on selected files.

But then you have to right click on them if you want to play your songs.

LOL, not sure if I want to do that, but that's certainly an option I guess.
Thanks :slight_smile: