Integration MP3TAG <> MediaMonkey?

Just before iTunes started to perform annoyingly slow with my huge 80.000+ collection I found out about MP3TAG - which i LOVE.
A bit later I migrated my whole library to MediaMonkey - which i LOVE.
How great would it be to bring these two beloved ones together, so that I can tag/retag/edit all things necessary directly from within MM.
Any chance this would ever be made possible?
Maybe already steps set on that path?
Would be so nice.


Of course there will be people here that are able to help, but for specific integration of Mp3tag in MM wouldn't it be better to ask this on the Media Monkey forums ?

Dag Nederlander :wink:

I already planned to ask the same questions there.
Just trying to figure out if anyone in the MP3TAG community already heard about such request or plan.