Interface Font Question


Florian -

Your program is by far one of the best that I have tried... And I've tried all of them available on the US download sites. You really have yourself a wonderful piece of software.

I do have a question - is there any way to change the program's default font from Arial? Your interface is a stunning gem conpared to most Mp3 Taggers, and would be great if it also used the standard Windows Tahoma font.


(Ich studierte im Marburg letzer August, aber mein Deutsch hat verschlechtert... :-[)



thanks for the nice feedback :slight_smile:

I'll change the interface font to Tahoma with the next release (but this will work only on W2K and WXP - the others will still display MS Sans Serif).

With best regards,
~ Florian


Florian -

So I open up your web page the day after you post just out of curiosity... And was suprised to find that a new version had come out! With my suggestion implemented! ;D ;D

WOW and thanks!! Great job, it's 2.10 is a nice improvement!