Interface Suggestion

Hi all, I have been using this application for years far the best!

I had a suggestion. In the main window that lists filename, Artist, Title etc it would be great if you could drag those columns and rearrange them on the fly without having to right click "customize columns". :wink:

I agree. I'd love to see drag & drop column reordering. I keep too many columns to have on-screen all the time, so the less used columns are off to the right where they can't be seen. But every once in a while I need to have one or more of them in view next to a commonly used column like track title. Using the 'customize columns' dialog is very cumbersome just to change the order.

Please consider this enhancement request for Mp3tag.


Hi Florian,

it would be great if the fields in the Tag Panel (including the fields title/artist/... etc.) would be movable and resizable.
I mean two or more fields in the same line (like fields Year/Track/Genre).

Another idea: I use different tagging scheme for pop music and classical music. A Save Profile - Load Profile (in the View menu for example) function would be useful. The profile can contain the columns and the tag panel information.

Anyway, thank you for this great software, and thanks for reading my post.


They're movable, although using something of a crude interface to move fields up and down. Drag and drop would be nice.

I agree that being able to specify a width would be wonderful. There's no need for a field with single character values to be the entire width of the tag panel.

Pretty good idea.