Intermittent performance with NAS when under 16 titles in list

Just testing MP3TAG for vinyl to mp3 project. The music archive is on a NAS drive (personal network cloud). Whenever there are <16 mp3's in a list and I try to add a cover picture and/or some info details to all mp3's, it has trouble accessing all forcing me to skip some. Gets stuck on different list numbers each attempt, so if I select all 3 or 4 times generally the picture can get added to all (or just find the ones that bomb and save individually). Unfortunately, same trick does not work for more than one item because you have to keep pasting the new item each additional pass. Now, if the track list is >17 mp3, it all works fine on the 1st pass every time. Always! Must be a buffer problem at 16 length somewhere (maybe NAS maybe MP3TAG).I have workarounds, but thought I would throw this one out there in case there is an easier/better fix. Nice program, except for this problem in my specific case.

Which programs are running simultaneously on the NAS and block the mp3 files?
What happens if you copy the files to your local drive first and then transfer them back to the NAS after editing?
I would think that you have an access problem in your setup, perhaps due to traffic congestion, indexing programs, disk cache - whatever you like.
Try to eliminate these influences and see whether the situation improves.

Seems to work OK on local drive, so I know this has something to do with cashing or the time delay going to the NAS drive. Just bizarre that it works OK on NAS for 17 or more titles when saving all but not for <16. I can 1st write locally then transfer, just extra steps. If there's nothing in MP3TAG that's like a buffer before write that is 16 titles long that could cause this, I'll just do the local write then transfer method. Thanks,

Hi Chris,

unfortunately, there is no such buffer in Mp3tag that limits anything to the 16 files and I'm currently not aware of any other circumstances that produce this issue.

What you can try is a different way of opening the files. I don't know how you're loading the files now, but in case you choose the context-menu option from Explorer, try drag'n'drop — if you're already using drag'n'drop try the context-menu option from Explorer or Ctrl + D from within Mp3tag.

Why I'm proposing this? Some shell extensions are accessing the files and sometimes don't release access — but of course, this is only me guessing :slight_smile:

Kind regards
— Florian

I'd trouble with my newly installed synology NAS there recently and found it was set to go as far as SMB 2.0. Now it's set to go from SMB 1.0 to 3.0 as the maximum. Maybe something to investigate.